Catholic Schools Week

This year the 11 (arch) dioceses of New England will be celebrating their own Catholic Schools Week on November 4-11, 2018. Each diocese is celebrating in a unique way while working together to shine the light on the great things that are happening across New England in Catholic Schools.

For the first annual New England Catholic Schools Week, the Catholic Schools Alliance is using this year’s theme of “Celebrating the Beauty of Every Child.”

The week is intended to raise awareness of Catholic schools in the wider community and showcase what makes the schools and students unique.

Fall River diocesan schools will celebrate the week in school with the following daily themes:
Sunday: Faith-Filled Leaders;
Monday: Academic Achievers;
Tuesday: Humble Servants;
Wednesday: Global Influencers;
Thursday: Game Changers;
Friday: Life-long Friends;
Saturday: Confident Graduate; and Sunday: Active Alumni.

Be sure to follow the Catholic Schools Alliance and local Catholic schools on Facebook to see the fun activities schools hold using the daily theme.

Several schools will be hosting Open Houses during the New England Catholic Schools Week, including Our Lady of Lourdes and Coyle & Cassidy.