Anointing of the Sick

Video: Bishop Robert Barron- The Anointing of the Sick

What is the Anointing of the Sick?

Anointing of the sick is when a priest, through Christ, heals the sick from sin. We are absolved of our sins and are even more prepared to enter God's kingdom.

Receiving the Sacrament

ou do not have to be on your death bed to receive Anointing of the Sick. Anyone can receive this Sacrament who desires it as the result of a physical or mental malady.

How can I receive the Sacrament? :
Call the parish hotline at 508-824-4276. The Sacrament can be done at home, in the Church, or in the hospital.

Additionally, if you are sick or homebound and seek to receive Holy Communion, we can bring it upon request. In an emergency, please call the parish office at 508-822-1425 at any time.