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#1- St. Catherine's Window

Posted by Tom Canuel on 8/15/23

        Most people would identify a circular window at any Church as a rose window, taking its name from the circular shaped windows at Notre Dame in Paris. However, the circular window at our parish is actually a St. Catherine’s window. So, what is it exactly?

        The St. Catherine’s window is named after Saint Catherine of Alexandria, a saint who was martyred in 305 AD. The Emperor Maxentius of Rome began what would later be called the Diocletianic Persecutions which would last from 303-311 AD. St. Catherine decided to visit the emperor and denounce his actions. As a result of her faithfulness to Christ, Maxentius ordered for her execution on a device called a breaking wheel. The breaking wheel was used for public execution. Torturers would tie a criminal to a spiked wagon wheel and break their bones until they died. It is believed that when St. Catherine touched the wheel, a miracle occurred and the wheel shattered. After the miracle, the emperor had her beheaded ... Read More »

A new series for our parish

Posted by Tom Canuel on 8/15/23

        COMING SOON: ANNUNCIATION OF THE LORD BEGINS NEW ART SERIES!“Beauty is capable of creating communion, because it unites God, humanity and creation in a single symphony; because it joins the past, the present and the future; because it draws different people and distant people ... Read More »